Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Can You Give It To My Y?

Somebody, somebody please stop me
How could I be used like this
The girl I had trusted so much, stomping on me
Coldly turns her back
What will you be able to do once you leave me
To you who still hasn’t realized and is leaving
I’ll give you one last chance
Now there’s nothing else that can be done

Give it to my Y
Listen to my Y
Please look back at me
Give it to my Y
Answer me, tell me why you’re acting like this to me

Nobody, now please don’t try to stop me
I don’t want to be played by that girl anymore
I’m going to slowly clench my fist now
To start my revenge
What will you be able to do if you leave me
I’ll give you pain, as much as the scars I received
I will give one last chance to you
I’ll approach you slowly

Just slow down
All the things you moved that you said
Screamed out in time to that beat
Laughing at my yells calling for you
Trying to erase that image
Girl, listen, my song, listen to my Y -

Cry your heart out (don’t go)
I’ll chew you to pieces then spit you out
I’m sorry baby
Oh oh oh yeah
It’s over baby
It’s over..

"For the last time, I will give you a chance."

p/s: Love mood. Agak kecewa.

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