Sunday, September 18, 2011


Hi guys. It has been awhile since i had updated my blog. yeah, i mean, my blog, my ninja story. i do have something to share with you guys. i'm a type of girl who always lack of confidence and sometimes, i think i don't belong to this world. ok, what a gay to talk like this right? haha.. daa, it's not like everyday i'm writing in english. so why not? the last time i think when i was in high school. yeah, my MUET exam.. (thumbs up for Malaysian cos they know this). ok, back to the topic. my BFF is internet. i think it's normal right? ha! when i'm at the lowest point of confidence level, i'll go to vlogger channel on youtube like Mat Luthfi, Anwar Hadi, Ryan Higa, Kev Jumba, etc and find something that can help me gain my confidence back. don't misunderstood, i mean, the good stuff. not porn or something that can change my brain to BLUE. nahh.. i think i should be thanks to Kev Jumba cos one of his video probably helped me a lil bit. check this video out:

from this, i realized, life has to be enjoy as long as it is. why don't i just enjoy on what i have? maybe i do have that 'blind spot' but who cares? actually, this is not the first video i've ever watched to gain that positive charge. do u guys know Mat Luthfi? yeah, thumbs up for Malaysian again cos we do know him.. (anyone who doesn't know him, go and hide under the tempurung ok?)

err.. perhaps the video up there is kinda dejected to be understand but actually, it's simple. JUST BE YOURSELF. take note at the last word of the video, "PLASTIK ADALAH SAMPAH YANG PALING BANYAK KAT ATAS MUKA BUMI NI.." for me, his message is, don't try to be somebody else cos we are not finish routing out our own self yet. duh.. this is why i love youtube so much. now i believe that there's alot of people who face the same problem with me. lack of confidence, sudden parkinson in public and whatsoover. this is normal, yeah, for a human being like me. i have no confidence in many things. in love, in study, to write my entry in english, among my friends and even among family. but, i love to talk in public. ok. this is weird. teehee!

p/s: don't forget to check their videos out. they're hottt!! haha. let's move on, hit your chest and say, FIGHTING! and.. err.. ignore my grammar. kbai.

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